Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is sam. He's the puppy that jack bought as a surprise birthday gift 2 yrs ago. We've loved having him as a part of our family. He started not acting like his happy self when gabe came around because sam became the bottom of the totum poll. He was sad, he wasn't getting the attention he needed or the exercise. My parents were gracious enough to take him right before I had gabe so he wasn't around a new born, and he is visibly happier someplace other than our home.
We came to the conclusion a few months ago that he needed a home that would appreciate him (and maybe one without a toddler that would hit him). We talked about putting him on ksl, but my little brother's friend said that he wanted sam. We gave him several months to try to convince his dad to no avail. We were back at square one. Just when we were about to put an add up on ksl, we found him a new home. These people will love and care for him-he has a fenced yard to romp and play, and people to walk him. He transitioned really well to this family and I'm sure he'll be happy.
Afterall-my parents are the ones that decided to keep him :) We are so thrilled, it couldn't have turned out better. We'll still see him lots, we won't have to wonder about some strange family taking him, and I won't have to explain where sam is to corban, and my dad fianlly has his dog!
PS have you rsvp'd to the halloween party yet?

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princess jen said...

That photo of Corban in the car is hilarious. I love his expression! I wish I could come to your halloween party!

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