Monday, November 30, 2009


hope every one's holiday was wonderful! We enjoyed a road trip to cali to celebrate thanksgiving and baby t's blessing Sunday. It was a great trip- we had a wonderful time and traveled safely the whole time. The roads were clear of snow, and people for the most part. No one likes hearing about someone else's vacation for very long so that's all I'll post about it. Besides this one last tid bit: we had the BEST luck with black friday shopping and we're so freaking lucky we got it all to fit in the car. (seriously a little case of claustrophobia on the way home because we were a little full). Lets just say that every item on our list of doorbusters was available for us (not to mention that we got the last or second to last one on the shelf every time!)!
the end.

ps. thanks to nana and papa for giving corban an early birthday gift (a portable dvd player) so the drive back wasn't as grueling as it could have been :). Many people were worried about our travels sans a portable dvd player.

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