Thursday, November 19, 2009


So when our food storage challenge ended Saturday night I was able to go to the store to get groceries. We really only needed the essentials. We made it through the challenge week with diapers wipes and formula for Gabe but wouldn't make it through Sunday without picking those up. So off to walmart at 10pm. I picked up Diapers, Wipes, Formula, 1 Gal. of milk, Margarine, a can of spray whipping cream (almost just the essentials...) and two church outfits for the boys for our family photos over thanksgiving. The total you ask???
Moral of the story you ask??? babies are SO expensive. 3 months and Gabe can hopefully drink milk. cross your fingers. Granted, we always buy two cans of formula at a time so we're prepared (lucky habit that was formed before we even had the challenge wouldn't you say?) so that runs us $50 anyway...but really does something that straps on to catch poop have to cost so much??? And don't say washable diapers- I'm not that good of a mother, I refuse to put poop soiled rags into our washing machine. This is why I was not a Pioneer! The washer and I made a deal: I don't put poopy stuff in it- it washes my clothes so I don't have to. I'm sticking to the deal.

To make a short story a little longer: super Saturday is this Saturday. hope it goes well. hope the food is good....and I hope people aren't angry that there aren't any crafts for them to pay for.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your poopy deal with your washer! You crack me up. Second, the Super Saturday was totally awesome. I didnt mind not having to pay anything. Especially this time of year, you know holidays, money gets tight. I enjoyed it and loved the projects. I seriously am ready for another one! I think there should be 6 Super Saturdays in a year, seriously.

The Larsens