Friday, November 13, 2009

foodie reigned in.

I think that this week may be our UN-healthiest week ever. For me at least. If something doesn't sound good to me, I just don't eat it. Period. That simple. So when the option is oatmeal for breakfast again- or nothing? I choose nothing. I've apparently been the milk natzi this week. I've tried to make our gallon of milk we opened sunday morning last this whole week incase I need it for a recipe. The other morning for breakfast I decided corban and I deserved a treat for not having our morning cereal everyday like we have been always. So I thought we should make some pudding for breakfast. I told him that it called for 2 cups cold milk as I was getting it out of the fridge. I go to pour it and corban says: "Don't waste it mom." in a very serious-life or death tone. After I had mixed the pudding up and poured it into bowls he said all sorts of sweet things: "Oh THANK YOU mom! You're my Hero!" "You're my lifesaver!" Sometimes it's really nice to have such a vocal son. And sometimes it's nice to do something that isn't necissarily healthy for you or your son's body, but healthy for his happiness in getting a fun treat.

I've determined that we definitely NEED to accumulate some healthful food storage recipes like my sweet aunt Liesa Card has outlined in her book I Dare You To Eat It. ( Liesa will be coming in february to do an adult activity to teach us more about provident living and food storage.
I realized that we will have to get canning some meats because even though we've been able to pull them out of the freezer this week- if we didn't have power that would be a different story.
On top of that we need to learn the art of planning ahead! That has been my near-downfall this week. If I was taking the boys out to run errands and we'd be out during lunch it wouldn't cross my mind that I needed to make us some sack lunches instead of grabbing something while we were out. There were a few close calls like when we were passing a new mcdonalds that was doing almost everything on their menu for 99 cents...or smelling yummy foods while we were at IKEA getting a high chair for gabe.
Just tell me when this is over so I can go to the store- I miss it. You'd think with all this IN time my house would be cleaner- it's not. It's more messy. Such a pain. Where are the house cleaning fairies?? If you know give me a shout. thanks

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Holli said...

Amanda! I noticed your blog on your facebook page- I hope you don't mind that I took a peek! :) (our blog is just to be fair). We didn't participate in the food storage challenge, but it has made me think a lot about how much we actually have. There's so much to do! I'll have to check your aunt's book out- I need TONS of help when it comes to food storage. You're such a trooper!

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