Sunday, November 1, 2009

little things

So just some stuff that's been rattling around in my brain:
  • We don't have ANY family pictures of all four of us. *edit* we have halloween pictures.
  • We NEED a dishwasher like a year ago.
  • I shouldn't go after-halloween sale shopping tomorrow morning- but I'm going to anyway.
  • My boys are the cutest ever-if not very very crazy.
  • Gabe loves Corban with all his heart.
  • Corban loves to wrestle Gabe.
  • I'm glad I'm not chasing Sam round these days plus my boys, I'm glad that my dad is LOVING having him.
  • I love our home.
  • I'm grateful corban's potty trained-however many times he has to go at inopportune times.
  • I love that we have two working cars.
  • I'd love to do more hair than I'm doing, but only by a little more.
  • I wish the house cleaning fairy would visit more often. (or at least the mood to clean would strike me more often)
  • I wish my vacuum didn't make the house smell like popcorn every time it's used (apparently you shouldn't vacuum up buttery popcorn unless you like that smell every time you vacuum)
  • I shouldn't be complaining but it feels nice.
  • My days are going to fill up quickly-very shortly.
  • I should post halloween party photos :) maybe right now, maybe tomorrow....we'll see.

I think that's about it. phew that feels better. you should try it.

oh ps. let's have faith that whatever needs to happen is happening at the time it should happen and that we can be strong enough for it when it happens.


Heidi said...

btw, my book orders are set to be due this Friday. Let me know if you don't get to it by then, and I can reopen it though.

Tina said...

You are so cute Amanda. I love all the random thoughts! We need to set a time to get your family photos up-dated! Oh wait... my camera is broken... some photographer I am! lol

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