Monday, November 9, 2009

Emergnecy Preparedness

So yesterday as we were hustling into our sacrament meeting at 1:02 a dear sister from the ward stops us and says we are just the family she was waiting for. (uh oh.) "Here" she says as she hands us a paper. "The bishop picked you to do this chanllenge-they'll explain in sacrament meeting." And she walks away. I look down at the paper and see:

Magna Stake - Are we prepared in 2009? Series Event
Food Storage CHallenge
Live for 1 week out of your food/supply Storage
We have learned a lot about Emergency Preparedness this year ... now it is time to see what you learned and if you are truly prepared for an Emergency Event in your life.

Challenge: Your family will live off your home food and supply storage for 1 week!

When: Beginning Sunday November 8th...right after your Ward Block through Saturday November 14th.
You cannot go to the store for anything! (exception: prescription drugs.
You may use your home utilities including city water.
If you run out of an item or find you do not have something, you may trade, barter or buy items...but only from other families involved in the challenge.

Let's not- and say we did.
I know we'll do fine because I have an amazing storage room full of canned foods and such but it's just the principle of the thing.
(I hit the Smith's Case Lot Sale a couple weeks before we moved in.)
Believe me it's not this organized any more but it's still just as full- maybe even more full.

It's someone saying "you can't go to the store". That makes you want to go even more!!! Maybe that's just my personallity. Anyway, we're glad that we bought formula for gabe last week and we just cracked open a gallon of milk this morning- but we'll definitely purchase some "morning moo" after this is all over. Possibly we'll learn some other must haves. We've realized how blessed we are in many ways as we joked around about how we could survive on our mac and cheese stash alone.{notice the picture above second shelf from the floor on the right? mac and cheese. check :) } Jack frequently gets to bring home different meats from work for many reasons- either a tipped pallet (nothing wrong with it but the consumer won't accept the shipment) and late shipment. So we have a freezer full of chicken, beef, and some salmon patties (check those out at Costco they're salmon filets ground into patties and they're fabulous- and about a buck/pattie which is cheap for salmon) The kicker of this is that the bishop mentioned something about "could you live off your food in your house for a week?" in an email last week. Jack and I thought- "yeah, maybe, it probably wouldn't be that bad- soups, pastas, rice, beans, and canned fruits and veggies. We should be living this way ANYWAY." But we didn't imagine we'd have to do it this week. Jack and I would like to have the other two families that were assigned to participate over for a dinner together this week so we'll get to work on figuring that out. Wish us luck in keeping the variety going instead of just making mac and cheese every day. Cause you know I'd do that in a heart beat ;) .

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Tina said...

You can come barter for anything you may run out of over at our house if you like! I do need another haircut.... so you could get me to go shopping then bring you food in exchange for a cut! That would count right!?

The Larsens