Saturday, September 5, 2009


so corban was swinging a sock around like a nun-chuck or something and whacked me right in the eyeball (I was sitting on the floor with gabe).

Corban: "oh sorry!!!"
Me: "owwwww...." (holding a hand over my eyeball...)
Corban: "Say it isn't your fault mom!"
Me: "what??"
Corban: "say it isn't your fault..."

That's right...sometimes when corban's spilled something or broken something on accident I say "it's all right hunny it was an accident, it's not your fault". In this case he WANTED me to tell him that this wasn't his fault. Little stinker.

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Marie said...

Haha... you shouldn't put your head in the path of a swinging sock next time. Because... we all know it wasn't Corban's fault... sheesh... =D

The Larsens