Monday, October 27, 2008

Socks are what- $5 bucks for a six pack???

So my cousin rusti has this on her blog and I thought I'd share! Visit this web page:
This is two people on a mission to provide socks for the homeless folks around town and I think that we need to offer the help that we can~! They are a non profit organization and they are doing a "sock hop" in order to collect donations on November 8.

Sock Hop!
Bring packages of new socks to donate, enjoy delicious pizza &
dance the night away.
Nov. 8, 2008
6-9 pm
Z Pizzeria
3295 S. 2000 E.
Salt Lake City, UT

How much fun does that sound for a family activity??? And PS we can ALLLLL go without one of our little goodies during the weeks before this in order to provide someone less fortunate than ourselves with something as simple as SOCKS-no matter your financial situation right?! Take away a McD's trip (or hot cocoa in my case...) one day and you're bound to have the $ for a pack of socks to donate. (Too bad they aren't collecting halloween candy because I'm sure to still have leftovers from our party) I hope this doesn't come across badly for anyone, or pressuring in the wrong way. Anyway, I'd love to go and I'd love to see friendly faces too-let me know if anyone is interested.

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