Friday, October 10, 2008

GAH! Tagged!?!

5 years ago....
1. Senior in high school ha...serious.
2. Working at Clean Flicks (good times: free movies, get paid to sit and watch movies and help the occasional customer pick out a membership plan)
3. Dating all sorts of..."savory individuals" ;)
4. Pretty much slacking off in EVERY class-except for art and guitar
5. Sleeping as much as possible

Things on my list for today....
1. Go make Soap
2. Tackle another box to unpack
3. Make Dinner for fam coming over
4. Tackle another box to unpack
5. Pack for Colorado (nana's funeral services at fort logan)

5 Snacks I enjoy....
1. Chocolate
2. Cheese
3. Cake
4. Cookies
5. Pretty much anything that gives ya heartburn, anything fried, anything cooked, anything baked, and anything frozen. (ha...sound like a pregnant woman or something?)

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire...
1. Redo our kitchen
2. Turn our garage into a salon
3. Remove our poor dead cherry tree
4. Buy a new car
5. Put the rest in savings (possibly under a rock considering banking and/or investing is so scary right now)

5 Places I have lived....
1. Centerville
2. Orem
3. Provo (same place as orem practically I know...)
4. Centerville again
5. MAGNA (which I just learned isn't even a's technically "Magna Township" quaint right??? come visit!)

5 Jobs I have had....
1. Veiwmont Child Care Center
2. Clean Flicks Edited Movie Club
3. Hostess @ Carrabbas
4. Express (limited brand clothing store)
5. Adventure Time Child Care

1. Tina
2. Marie
3. Bronwynn
4. Heather
5. Shavonne


Tina said...

OIY! You tagged me!!! Love your list's girl!

Marie & Jeremy said...

I love learning random stuff like this! Thanks for tagging me- I will do my best!

The Larsens