Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a boy!

Okay, sorry for the delay on this post- I can't figure out how to upload the ultra-sound dvd so that you call all watch it. So, I'll have to wait until someone with computer knowledge helps me out. And I wanted to say thanks for everyone that came out for the house party-we were thrilled with the turn out (even though we missed those of you that couldn't make it) and we enjoyed being able to host that many people comfortably. It was a blast. I'll post pics of that and all the "after photos" as soon as I get the energy to do that long of a post when corban's in bed. These days the preggo train isn't as...."comfortable" as it has been the past couple of weeks. Frankly, as soon as corban's in bed I feel like "I should be getting so much done...but he's asleep...I think I will relax". And by the way as soon as corban woke up sunday morning he had a major cough, stuffy nose, and was drooling by the gallon-yay for more teeth coming in I guess.


sam said...

AHHH congratsssss!!!!

The Robinsons said...

Congrats - should we be afraid that we Larsens haven't had a girl in 8 years?
No, Corban will love having a brother!

Emily said...

I must have missed this!! YAAAAAY!! I'm so happy for you guys!
What names are you thinkin?

The Larsens