Wednesday, October 8, 2008

halloween open house invite

TA DA!!! Tina was gracious enough to make a cute invite for our Halloween open house! and I had to share it on here. don't worry "after pics" of the house are coming we just barely got our Internet up and running and I decided this was the more important post to do. Anywho, invites should be in the mail shortly, either the real live mail box or an inbox depending on the contact info I have for each of you. :) have a good week!!!


Tina said...

Awww.. your so sweet to put it up on your blog!

sam said...

bummer! sounds delightful- wish i could make it!


K... I know you're busy but you need to do the world a favor and post the pictures from your AMAZING PARTY. In case anyone was wondering... Amanda is officially Martha Stewart's reincarnate. Those of you who went must have seen how stinking ADORABLE EVERYTHING was. From the breadsticks shaped like bones... eye ball cookies... amazing soups... mummified hot dog mini weenie things... amazing carmel apple dippers... and so many more little festive treats... A.MAY.ZING!!! GOOOO AMANDA!!! So... we need to implement some blog-pressure and get her to post those pics so you can catch a glimpse of her party coordinating skills. SO FUN! Thanks for a fun night... your house is so cute... we enjoyed the fun atmosphere... we had a blast... basically you & Jack rock our world.

The Larsens