Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random pictures that must be shared.

First Batch of cookies made in our new house! In my amazing oven! (they look delicious you say??? betty crocker peanut butter cookie mix + hershey's Bliss milk chocolates on the top right after you pull them out of the oven {and serve with cold milk} = mmmmmm)
Corban loves the shag carpet and watching lion king any chance he gets.
Beleive me-sitting in the bin was his idea-he even positioned it in front of the TV like that. what a goon.
I just had to share this pic of when we were shopping for costumes at walmart. Jack was trying on these freaky masks and Corban loved every second of it. notice his face in the background??? not a normal 1 1/2 yr old I'm tellin ya...
Our first night in the new house!!! He slept in his very own big boy bed*, he was so pooped by the time we laid him down he wanted to sleep. (*which I found on for FREE-matress, bed frame and everything I just had to pick it up in layton)! Complete with Lightning McQueen and Mater Sheets and Pillow case for only $15! Thank you Wal-mart! He's been fine in his twin bed ever since then too-who'da thunk, new house+new bed=easy transition from a crib.

This kid loves licking off beaters!!! unfortunately beaters aren't always used on just making desserts and it's those days we have to occupy his attention until we can get the beaters out of sight before he throws a fit for not getting to lick them off.
The aftermath is always an enjoyable clean up experience.
he'd been licking a beater from some sort of dessert and wanted to play peek-a-boo with the wash rag.
then he actually posed for a picture!!!! Precious???

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Emily said...

Darling pictures! I love the one of him sitting in the bin!!

We're gonna need to see some pregnant belly pictures real soon!! :)

The Larsens