Thursday, October 28, 2010

My life in binders:

I live out of binders these days. I'm not joking. I just realized this last night. I have more binders going than when I went to a few classes at UVU...Let me illustrate:
I've got two binders for Primary stuff- one 2" for meetings where I need all the nitty gritty info, and one 1" for just every sunday with lesson info and coming events and such. I've got a file for all my hair clientelle- lots and lots of 3X5 notecards. I've got a 2" binder for the Mary Kay info, training stuff, and product info. I also have 3 2" binders of MK samples for makeup color- I really am into trying before buying. I've got an accordian file for tax info for my two businesses. I've got a folder for client profiles for MK. I've also got a 1.5" binder for corban's Joy School lessons with all the unit info, and pictures for lessons.
I think that's it...
It almost feels like one of those young women's lessons about the different times we wear white? I just have a different binder for all the different parts of my life. I was about to say that the only thing I don't have in a binder is my family- but that's contained in a scrapbooking binder too... so there you have it. I live out of binders. Now that I've said this you'll start noticing how I always have a binder or folder with me. serious.


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Anonymous said...

You are just organized! Good for you. I have a few binders around my house just like you. One for my calling, one for my business, one for FHE, and I have been thinking of starting a couple other ones too. One for FR's internet receipes that he prints off and one for my crochet patterns. So dont feel like you are the only one.

The Larsens