Friday, November 12, 2010

Because I need to.

I'm making a list of things I am good at. Call it positive reinforcement, or positive affirmations..whatever but I need to make this list for me.
*makeup (had to get those two out of the way to get to deeper things.)
*taking on more than I should
*not saying no- more specifically? to parties.
*going above and beyond what is asked. (example: one time in 3rd grade we were supposed to make some kind of indian dwelling...we made a full on wigwam complete with a leather patch roof, bundles of hay, and even had an animal hide (a piece of toasted Bologna) tanning in the front)
*scrapbooking- sometimes.
*stressing too much
*complaining too much
*reading to my kids- most of the time
*being silly with my kids
*being open to others' opinions and letting them share them without forcing my own on them
*not judging others- until it comes to them complaining about their current situation- then I wanna tap them on the shoulder and say: "it's your life- make it what you want it to be and stop complaining about it."
*crunching numbers- not so much at budgeting
*following my church leaders openly- without question
*having faith
*taking care of our cars
*not stressing about the spotlessness of our house (could be a bad thing, who knows?)
*sticking to my guns with my kids- I'm the mean parent. ask the boys.

K, I've listed 20 things. half of which are probably bad things and cheater things to list....I'll try again some other time when I'm being less pessimistic. I triple dog dare you to try writing your own list of 20 things you're good at. try it. it's hard to be honest about your good traits.

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Holli said...

Oooo... since you tripled dog dared I may just have to do it but it would be HARD. Pretty sure I could easily fill a list of all the things I'm bad at, but that isn't the point of this exercise, is it?:) You're awesome Amanda! I always appreciate that you can very easily help me feel good about myself. You can add that to your list- you are an expert self-esteem booster. :)

The Larsens