Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Ladies

I have a confession....I recently signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant....I know....ew right? Give me a second to explain myself please :)

Here's why I've done it:
A-I have used the products for the last several months of pregnancy and it's done **wonders** with my usually really terrible pregnancy skin. Their skin care is all non-comedogenic (which means it WILL NOT clog pores). My skin is softer and definitely feels loads healthier! Finding non-comedogenic products usually entails spending LOTS of money on skin care at a mall makeup counter-like $30 just for face wash-ummm, thanks but no thanks that's not in my budget.
B-Their prices are usually within $1 (either one dollar more or less) of my other grocery store brands that I've used in the past without having to spend the gas money to go to the store! A win win.
C-I liked the idea of having the ability to try out shades before putting any money down!!! (no more hoping you're matching it through the container and packaging pretty well while standing in walmart and having your kids try to grab nail polishes off the shelves.)
D-I had security even after I'd tried it- they guarantee ALL their products 100%- if I didn't like them I could still have options: I could try something else in exchange, or I could get my money back! Even if I'd used it all up they would have refunded it without having to jump through hoops because my consultant would do it for me! (nothing like walmart where you've got to deal with finding a receipt, being within a certain amount of time from purchasing, and having to make a walmart trip. gross right?)
E-The last several hair color appointments I've gotten questions about how to buy, apply, and pick out make up. Being that I'm already a Licensed Cosmetologist I can totally already tell you tips to do these things. Things like maximizing good features and minimizing not so good features- however I didn't have anything to show, demonstrate or sell to my clients to help them. The best I could do is point them in the direction of walmart and hope they had luck. That did not sit well with me. After all as any of you know from being a hair client of mine- I'm more than happy to try the cheap stuff to see if it will get the job done for you without breaking the bank, but I'm honest when it comes down to whether it's a good choice for your specific hair situation with finances in mind as well. I couldn't stand that I was having to tell clients to go to walmart and try to match shades as best they could, and find a brand that they wanted to try out first and move on from there. I wanted to be able to offer the ablility to SHOW my clients the right product for their face- SHOW them how to apply it correctly- Teach you how to care for your skin because after all- you only get this one face and everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin!!!
That's why I do hair- that's why I'm starting Mary Kay- Women should LOVE the way they look. They should be able to wake up in the morning knowing that they can take tools that they've learned how to use and care for their hair and skin and go out into the world feeling confident that they are beautiful, they are strong, and they can take anything that comes their way. Women are strong. Women are resilient. Women have skills that men only dream about having-you know it's true. We need to be proud to be women and we need to put our best foot forward everyday-including taking care of ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. Whether your morning routine is 5 minutes long or 30 minutes long- you need to be taking care of yourself first or you will be ill-equipped to take care of anyone else throughout your day. The better your self esteem is- the better you can take care of everything that women deal with in a day. If I can help one woman at a time to improve that self image, and self esteem I will keep doing what I do because that's what I thrive on.
Thanks for giving me a few minutes to explain this seemingly crazy decision. Now for the other details: I am going to start to build up an inventory to be able to give you on the spot purchasing power so when you run out of something you love you can call me and I can deliver your product that day rather than waiting a week for shipping-or you'd always be welcome to just swing by and pick it up. I also would like to offer all of you the facial class to test out the skin care that I've fallen in love with as well as trying to create a nice color look just for you- whether that means just a little tinted moisturizer to slather on and go, or whether that means looking at foundation, eye shadow colors, and cheek colors-the whole nine yards. Either way I'd be happy to show you them anytime- if you've got a cut, color, or style coming up plan on me asking if you'd like to go over some while you're already at my house- you're welcome to say yes or no! Otherwise I'd also be happy to come to your home and show you anything you'd like to try out and feel free to make it a girls night and invite some friends- the more the merrier!

Thanks agian!

Sincerely Yours,
Amanda Larsen
~increasing women's self esteem one person at a time~


Woodbury Family said...

I have a good friend that I used to work with. She did so well selling Mary Kay on the side that she quit her job as a social worker and is doing MK full time. It works out so great for her family. I love a lot of Mary Kay products. I love the Microdermabrasion. Good stuff!Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You will be great

The Larsens