Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's a Girl!

here are the ultrasound pics :) I'll try to explain as best I can, but without pointing to stuff it looks pretty crazy.
This is a profile view with her hand up by her face. You should be able to see eyes, nose, lips, chin, a little fist, and the rib cage.
Profile shot again of her yawning, you can't see her whole head because she was getting comfy, but you can see her mouth all open just up and left from the caption on the photo that says "yawning!"

Another Profile pic :) With some spine and the cute little nose.

She's got some LOOONG LEGS. Her feet are on the upper left hand side, she was constantly crossing her legs at the ankles like a good little modest girl...guess that's a genetic thing from me ;) The knees are where it tapers in a bit then back out again for the thighs.

mandatory butt shot-the butt's on the right hand side with the two thighs extending from there. The three little white lines and the lack of anything between the legs=baby girl.
We're way super excited. Corban is even okay with it now. We just need to get Gabe comfortable with me holding another baby, as of now he's pretty jealous if I pick up any other child besides Corban.
Oh yeah, the other mandatory shot- the alien face. Let me explain: you're looking straight on at her face, you can see the outline of the skull, the Orbits (eye sockets) the Nose, and mouth. Her fist is the little white area RIGHT beneath her chin. She enjoys opening and closing her fists apparently, because she was doing that throughout the whole ultrasound and her hands were right up by her face a lot of the time.
We're half way there~! February 14th here we come.


sweets said...

congrats girls are so much fun!

sam said...


Amanda Evans said...

Congrats! Get excited for some cute, cute, cute shopping - it's so stinking fun!

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