Tuesday, September 28, 2010


YAY YAY YAY!!! It's almost officially October!!! Our Halloween party is next weekend! (October 8 from 7-10 for neighborhood/ward friends, and October 9 from 6-10 for Family) Time to decorate my guts out! If I don't have your address and you haven't gotten an invite as of yet- send me your address :) jamandack@hotmail.com
*I may or may not be addicted to exclamation points while talking about Halloween stuff...*

ps. my yearly DEEP DEEP DEEP clean of my salon started tonight- and we think we found the culprit for our fat fuzzy friend a few posts back...SOMEbody left a Halloween pillowcase full of candy on the floor of my closet. It had been chewed through several places. So there you have it. Your mother's been right all these years...if you eat too much Halloween candy- You'll be fat. and then you'll die. the end.

oh. and sometime when I'm up for it I'll post all the major CRAFTY things Gwyn and I did during her visit. Lets just say I learned how to crochet and went a little tiny bit overboard ha ha. Don't worry both boys now have a couple pretty hideous hats that I absolutely love. If you don't make your kids wear ugly stuff when they're young, you're missing the boat on this folks. Don't feel bad though- Jack's mom is an AMAZING knitter/crochet-er so the boys also have some MEGA darling ones that she made.

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