Saturday, April 30, 2011

Corban = ADHD

Some people would prefer I not talk about this.
If your child were farsighted- would you tell your child to not tell people they can't see well? Or not wear their glasses because someone might find out that they have a disability?
Some people would prefer I not "label" my child.
Other kids already know that Corban is different. Adding a name to WHY he's different doesn't change the fact that they know he's different.
Some people say I shouldn't tell Corban that he is ADHD.
Would it be better that he just use his imagination to figure out a reason why he can't sit still like other kids his age? Or listen to instructions as well? Kids will come up with reasons like: I'm just dumb. I'm just not as good. I can't learn. Corban has a RIGHT to know that he is SMART and that his brain just functions differently.
Some people say there's no reason for a child to be on medication.
If your child were diabetic would you withhold the vital medication to make your child whole?
Some people say that he can't be ADHD because he's smart.
ADHD isn't a "dumb" disorder. Albert Einstein was ADHD.

Let me say this: Jack and I love our children. We would do anything for them. That includes helping them be able to thrive in this world, in school, in church, and with friends. We have taught them numerous things such as manners, self discipline, academic things like letters, words, numbers, colors, shapes, and about the gospel. We are now seeking help from professionals that can teach us how to further teach them how to cope with being ADHD. We are not experts on this topic. We will read the research on different treatment methods. We are tirelessly spending the small amounts of "free time" we have when the kids are in bed reading as much as we can on this topic. If medication is necessary for our children to be able to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually then that is what we will do in combination with teaching them the skills that they will need in life. Putting a child on medication to treat ADHD doesn't solve everything, it just levels the playing field so they can learn like other children. Medication will not teach a child how to keep their room clean or use words instead of violence- But it will help them slow down in order to think before reacting. It can change their response from: Ready! Fire! Aim! to Ready! Aim! Fire! Corban needs help. We will find it for him. We will fight for his right to be able to achieve everything he wants to achieve. We will provide him the opportunities to reach as high as he can. He is a very smart kid- he's learning Chinese for pete's sake.

We thank you all for your support and kind words. We welcome any positive thoughts, and current research that you may come across in learning about ADHD. We are excited to have a direction to go to help Corban become the best he can be.

with love
amanda and jack


Saunders Family said...

You are an amazing mom! I truly am a supporter of ADHD medication. In my classroom I have had students whose parents refuse to medicate, and all they are doing is setting up a life of failure for their child. It's amazing to see what a difference it makes in helping a child be successful. I can tell a night and day difference if my students come to school without their meds for just one day... It is hard on me, the other students, but mostly them. I think you are amazing and be confident in your decisions. Dont worry about what others think- just do what is right for you and your family.

Lisel said...

You are amazing, and Corban is a great kid. He definitely deserves an explanation and anything that can best help him. We obviously have a lot of patients at the pharmacy who use medication and I think in most cases it is helpful and appropriate. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you or him in this process. We love you guys!

Heidi Smith said...

Good-luck with everything! Corbin is sure lucky to have parents who recognize and can admit that something's wrong rather then just deny and avoid it (I have a child in my class just like this and it is so HARD to help when they refuse to see the truth.) I'm sure you'll choose the best for him! Hang in there!

Holli said...

Amanda, I think it is awesome that you are being so open about Corban's diagnosis. I think it is good for people around you and Corban to know that his brain just functions a little differently. As a parent, we are our kids' #1 advocate, and you are doing all you can to make sure Corban gets a positive experience in life, especially since he IS smart, and an awesome kiddo.

The Larsens