Wednesday, March 30, 2011


blogger deleted all my followed I feel so cut off from people! really lame- but true. oh well...something to do later I guess. Anyway...this is how much I despise doing dishes. Today I have: cleaned the boys room, changed all of gabe's bedding, folded their laundry, put it away, made breakfast, fed chloe like a billion times, made a growth chart for the boys to mark their growing progress on, made pancakes for lunch with homemade cider syrup (yummers), washed my cabinets in the kitchen, scrubbed the walls in the kitchen, read some books with the boys, and played a running around crazy game (corban's name of the game- not mine). ALL without doing the dishes...think I'm avoiding them??? and ps jack's now the 2nd councilor in the bishopric. he's my dish what do I do??? pps. we really feel blessed by this calling- I know this sounds selfish but I needed him to get this calling for the blessings that will accompany his/our sacrifice- that way I can accomplish more :) So no sympathy please!


Stacie said...

No sympathy here! We need him to bless our lives too, through his service in this calling! :)

PS its ok to let the dishes go maybe a day. What with all the fun you are having with the kiddos.

PSS dont over work yourself.

Sending smiles and hugs your way.

sweets said...

wow that sounds about like my day. congrats on the calling for him.

The Larsens