Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Confession

Hi, My name is Amanda Larsen and I'm a dryer sheet addict.

Let me explain how I began the journey down this slippery slope. Picture this: I am 4 months pregnant with my first child- one of my activities I enjoyed was visiting the store late at night waiting for jack to get off work at Carrabbas. I had a sniffer like a hound dog. I couldn't stand the smell of anything stinky. Barf-o-ramma. I realized I was out of dryer sheets one night at the store so I decided to do a sniff test on them to figure out which ones to buy-makes sense when you love good smells and HATE bad smells. I started sniffing boxes. Different brands, different scents, everything. I. Fell. In. Love. with Bounce. So many delicious smells so little time. I bought my favorite one at the moment and left thinking I'd be set for a while. The next day we realized we needed something else at the store so while jack and I were at the store I showed him how good they smelled as we walked down the laundry isle. He laughed a little but liked the smell of my new brand. It was all down hill from there. Every subsequent trip to the store I found myself heading down that isle to sniff more. you laugh but I'm serious. I LOVED the smell. I started placing dryer sheets in different places in our very tiny first apartment- bottom of the trash cans, inside stinky work shoes, under each of the seats in the car, in sock drawers. Mmmm it smelled good. But I needed more. I started putting one folded sheet into my pocket so I could sniff it on days of hair school that proved to be especially stinky...not the perms and colors because I happen to enjoy those- just when we had more clients that weren't exactly showering regularly. One in my pocket turned into one in each pocket, then some in my bag, then a box in my car. I'd put the ones that I'd had in my pocket during the day back in the box-down a few layers- to "recharge" ha ha. I thought it'd be something that went away after I had Corban-ya know a crazy pregnancy symptom-but it just helped more to continue stashing them after bringing home a poop and spit up machine. I did get back down to one in my pocket after the pregnancy but everywhere else always has one :) Fast forward to today. We have a box in both our cars or at least 5 sheets all the time. I still keep them in my pocket (only one) and usually pull it out when I have to change gabe, or do some bad laundry. I use them as book marks in books-the book I'm reading always smells nice. I have 4 in my diaper bag so there's always a wonderful smell when I open it. do you think I need therapy? Hope this made you giggle a little bit knowing that I am joking around- but not all the way- there's one in my pocket right now. ha ha. love to all.

Ps. for those that are interested in my vast scent knowledge regarding dryer sheets these are my favorites.
Fresh Linen-my current scent- clean and fresh although a bit strong for ammeters.

Spring Fresh- this was my first "addict" purchase- I wouldn't use any other scent for 2 yrs. I've since switched it up because then I can fully appreciate a new scent again when I switch back.

Fresh lavender- very sweet and girly, very floral (hence the name duh). I don't use these ones very often- just when I need to feel girly.


Woodbury Family said...

Amanda you are hilarious! You may need therapy but you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Heidi Smith said...

ha ha ha. i love it amanda!

Tina said...

I knew about the addiction while you were prego with Corban... but I didn't know it still existed! LOL. You are so funny! No wonder you always want to take your own car! ;)

MartyE said...

I found your blog on facebook. So cute and I was laughing so hard b/c I am a total smeller also. I love, love love good smells. Aveda products are at the top and Origins has a grapefruit body scrub and body soufflé (lotion) that I just die for. Congrats on your little bundle that on the way!
Marty Evans

jojo said...

Haha!! I too am addicted to Spring Fresh Bounce! First pregnancy it was Kiwi shoe polish and this one it's Bounce. I want to be inside the smell so bad. I have a box next to my bed for bedtime sniffing and sheets all over the car. I use about 6 sheets per laundry but it's nowhere near enough. I'm also really into inhaling Walgreens own baby chest rub and also Mrs Meyers lemon handsoap. I wonder if this addiction will last like yours?

The Larsens