Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scary mask. PG13

Okay so I told some of you about my mom's client that goes all out for halloween? and how he did this little spook alley show of sorts where he dressed up as a mad scientist and his teenage son dressed up as his...masterpiece? and how corban LOVED IT??? and for weeks afterwards he would ask if he could "touch the scary mask agian"? if you would like to see how messed up that mask was you can scroll down...(possibly hide it from children because it is really the scariest thing ever.)

oh and before you go "oh that's kinda scary-not too bad..." imagine it dark, and the thing is breathing kinda shallow and notice the candy that you're supposed to grab....

and please don't have nightmares because of me...

there's also a short video on their neighbors web page if you'd care to take a gander: http://www.ashtonfamilyhappenings.blogspot.com/ under the previous posts click the "halloween night" link. corban wouldn't quit asking me to play the 47 second clip over and over and over and saying: "Should we touch it???" in his most high, shrill, excited voice that he can muster... maybe I'll take some video to prove this...I just proof read this and it really sounds far fetched for a two year old.... or just really really messed up. who knows.

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