Thursday, November 13, 2008

such a sponge!

So you all know that Corban speaks quite clearly at this point and is very apt to absorbing what ever he hears around him. I have a funny story but it requires some background info. Corban thinks it is hilarious when Sam playfully "bites" him-so his latest terrorizing thing to do to Sam is to bite him back-on his back. When he's playing too ruff with the dog I just tell him that he has to go play in his room by himself for a while until he can play nicely with Sam or mom. It was after one of these "too ruff" moments that I had stuck him in his room with the doors shut. Regularly when he's shut in his room he'll knock on the door and say things like "hello...who is it" or "come in!!!"
Last night he knocked on his door and said: "Hello? mom? it's a bunny."
I responded "did you find a bunny?"
Corban: "Yeah it's a bunny!" (then you hear his little feet run away to go play again)
A few minutes later I hear: Knock knock "Hello?"
Me: "Yes?"
Corban: "It's the pizza man!!!"
Me: "What did you just say????" (while I'm opening the door laughing)
Corban: "IT'S THE PIZZA MAN!!!"
Me: rolling on the floor laughing my butt off and trying to figure out where he came up with "it's the pizza man!!!". {Later I realized that in the movie Madagascar Alex the lion says something about being a pizza man and considering that he watched it earlier that day I'd bet it was from that.}
Since that little experience he's been sent to his room two other times to play and both times he tried saying that line again in hopes that I'd immediately come open the door again. Little stinker learns so fast. Just because that got him out of his room so quickly that one time he assumed he should try that trick again. After trying it twice more and it not working he's given up on it again.
***And no, I don't order pizza often enough for him to think that's really what they say, even if I would love to be able to order pizza that often ;) Especially because the domino's by our house does a mighty fine job on their pizza's...***


Tina said...

HA HA! He is TOO CUTE! Isn't it amazing what they will pick up on!?

Heidi & Derek said...

Ha,'s so cute hearing the little things he says! He's growing up too quick!!

Thanks for the recipe idea by the way...I totally used it and it was great! It was so fast and extremly yummy! Thanks again!

Heidi & Derek said...

P.S. When can I come and see your new house? I'm dying to you guys again! It's been too long!

Emily said...

I love it!! He's such a smart little whippersnapper!! :)

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