Friday, May 27, 2011

My sweet gabey baby.

I love me some gabey goodness. He is such a little goof ball. He's sweet and funny, and just more and more fun every day. He's just blossoming with his language skillz and I'm pretty sure his only motivation is so that he can keep up with corban. So here's his latest funny. real people words will be in parenthasis.

Tonight at dinner we were all sitting and eating and he was saying "yook and my yeg!" (look at my leg) so I was trying to help him say the L sound. So my mom and I start going LLLLLLL and sticking our tounge out a bit so he can see what we're doing and copy it. Corban joined in going la la la la la la...and then jack and my dad also joined the L party. We started trying to have him go: llllllllllleg, or la la la leg. He tried it a few times and realized we'd cheer and make a fool of ourselves when he succeeded with the L sound so we started saying other L words like Larsen, and Love, etc. after a minute he wanted us to all cheer again because we were all doing the L sound again for him but he counldn't remember what L word started this whole thing so as soon as we all paused for him to say "leg" he said: "lalalalallllllllfeet!!!"
I could have died laughing. we were all in tears laughing and gabe started fake laughing because he couldn't figure out why we were laughing. Love that boy.

*by the by* we sold our pilot on we're car shopping on the worst car shopping weekend in the world...yikes. I say worst just because all the used car salesmen are out in full force to get you to buy more than you ask for around every corner. tragic. wish us luck!

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