Saturday, March 20, 2010

just to brag a bit...

but it's not really bragging if someone's done it for you right??? go take a peep at tina's blog post about her new do. I'm quite proud. Of her I mean! It's always a big step to chop a lot of hair off all at once and go in a direction you haven't gone before. Sometimes it's a leap that is necessary but that doesn't mean it's any easier on the nerves. So BRAVO tina! I'm really proud of you!


And P.S. THIS is why I love what I do! When people are thrilled about how they look they are happier people. Scouts honor.

P.P.S. I just stumbled upon a show on Bravo called Shear Genius. I'm in love. It's hilarious but so true on so many levels. Lots of hairdressers are VERY emotionally volatile creatures. Duh. you know I am... ha. anyway check in out on hulu if you want a little chuckle. I could kick all their butts.


Marie said...

You so totally COULD kick their butts, Amanda. I can't wait to have you cut my hair in June!!! And by the way... you can expect a call from me on Monday when I get back to reality after this spring break stuff!

Heidi Smith said...

looks great amanda!! you are so talented!

Anonymous said...

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