Monday, September 22, 2008

as promised.

These first set are taken the night that we got our keys! Corban crashed on the way to the house and then never woke up agian (until the next morning of corse) so we thought "what an opportune time to show off the sculptured shag that gets to reside in our family room until we have more $$$ to replace it." you know you're jealous.
This is a before pic of the master bedroom. nice blah shelves huh?? more shag.
My stupendous oven that I wish we could keep somehow without letting corban burn a limb off or burn the house down. All the gas knobs are gorgeous but they don't have to be pushed in inorder to get the flame going, thus the fire hazard. same with the burner for the Oven itself, they all have costantly burning pilot lights so you don't ever have to light anything.
Our cool wood burning stove in the Family Room. Can you say Toasty???
The loverly wood paneling in the Family Room. I hope I made the right decision to paint over it...ya think? Oh, and don't fret, we saved all the drapes! ;)

Kitchen cabinets Wall #1. My beautiful stove again...

Second wall of cabinets. note the lack of a dishwasher :( That will be added A-sap.)

Already installed gate at the top of the stairs! Thumbs up to that eh?

Storage room door downstairs. (and you can see a smudge of the tile landing at the bottom of the stairs)
First set of shelves in the freaking sweeeet storage room.
Second set of shelves.
Check the linoleum in the storage room. it says: five buck buy in for texas hold'em nights on a card table with little green transparent visors. ya in???
Can you say: Hooray for a laundry room/closet??? it's really quite large inside.
Inside of the laundry room.

Our downstairs half bath, half water closet. litterally. it's like a little closet changed into a bathroom. Jack can't even sit on the toilet without his knees hitting the wall in front of the toilet. Another bonus to this bathroom??? you get to step up TWICE in that tiny space. Once to get into the bathroom, the second time to sit on the pot. Think of it like a pop up camper bathroom :)

The bedroom to the left of the stairs in the basement. Again with the wood paneling. This room will probably end up being a little play/craft room considering it is about 8'X7'.

The bedroom to the right of the stairs. Wood paneling, but at least it's lighter this go round. This room is like 12'X14' so it'll probably be a second fam./rec room so we can use it for whatever we need to.
The third basement bedroom. and yes. more wood paneling. yipee skippy right?
Before photos. CHECK. I really didn't think that would take fourty five minutes to compile all those. but it did. hope you enjoyed it.


The Robinsons said...

Pretty awesome! So now that you have the keys when is the official move in? I hear you are still going back and forth.

Amanda said...

We are done painting. We are working on refinishing the hard wood floors. We'll empty out the storage unit this weekend then we hope to move all the way in on the 4th of october.

Manatee25 said...

So fun girl! I am GREEN with envy!!! Yes... even of the shag carpet and panel walls! LOVE the stove... would be way cute. I did see these knob protector cover things that you can get at Babies R Us

sam said...

Congrats you guys! I can't wait to see the after-photos! Are you SURE you wanna paint over that paneling??? I dunno...I'm a bit attached already...

The Webb Family said...

WOW! The house looks great--I especially like the kitchen. Can't wait to come visit so we can check it out in person! Lovin' the shag carpet! Miss ya'll! Love, hugs and kisses--The Webb Clan

Rusti said...

What is wrong with me? I keep thinking I've posted comments on someones post and I go to double check and it turns out I haven't! Sorry!

I love the house! I'm so happy for you guys to have your first home. I'd love to see some pics of what you do with it as you decorate. :) Congrats!

The Larsens