Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ha, it wasn't that big of an ordeal but I'll tell ya about it anyway. On January 2 at about 5 am (ish) I was woken up by the large amount of pain my abdomen was in. At first I was thinking: oh crap, this is what I get for eating a Ruben from Arby's at like 10:45 last night...then I realized it wasn't like a nauseated feeling but just a pain feeling. I tried peein just in case that would didn't. Then a light bulb came on in my head! It's gotta just be cramps! Midol here I come! but at that point I was in more pain than cramps had ever caused so I was doubting it before I even could get back out of bed to find some midol. After rolling around in bed for a little longer clutching my guts I woke jack at 5:45 am. I told him I was going to die. Actually I think I just moaned that my tummy wouldn't go away....he asked how the pain was feeling: sharp, wide spread, or just in one spot. He started pokin my belly to see where it was hurting, but before he could even ask "is it your appendix?" I said: "Don't worry it's not my appendix because it's on my right side not my left." Oh and for those of you that don't know (like me before all this happened, your appendix is actually on your right side, quite opposite of what I had been thinking for the majority of my life) Jack just kinda stared at me for a sec then said: "umm amanda, your appendix IS on your right side...." So we got on the phone with my mom, jack explained my symptoms to her and she voted that we head in to the ER. Then I tried to wake everyone else up that I've ever met by finding someone that would watch corban until my dad could drive down to get him. The ER checked me in right away, hooked up an IV, gave me some very nice pain meds intravenously, then sent me to get a CT scan. They loaded me up with iodine to show contrast on the CT scan, which felt bizarro!!! as it is flowing into your blood you can feel it because it creates a feeling as if youre burning up slowly from the inside (not painfully but uncomfortably warm) then it makes you feel like you are not in control of your bladder! We waited a while longer till the CT scan was developed and got a thumbs up for an emergency appendectomy (the surgery to remove my appendix that was considered to have acute appendicitis) They did the surgery, it went well, I just slept through it.

(Gorgeous!!! not)

Then I just had to sit tight for a couple days with an ice pack on my tummy. Then I got the worst news of my life: I was not allowed to lift anything 20 lbs or more for AT LEAST 2 weeks! eehhhhemmm corban is just over 20 lbs. My parents came to the rescue, they babysat corban the whole two weeks while I just bummed around their house uselessly for the duration. Corban had an absolute blast though with my dad. He tries to say Daniel now. My mom even let him go to town with some Dulce De Leche Yogurt, He was in Heaven!
Everything is peachy now though (Corban still uses my middle incision to push off of my lap with his elbow and that hurts but he can't help it). I had my check up yesterday and the doc gave me the go ahead to lift corban again, I just have to still take it easy, no throwing stuff, tossing corban into the air, stuff that would herniate the incision. So I'm home now for good. ahhh. what a long post. sorry. you're welcome to get back to your much more interesting life now. ;) Thanks for being interested.


Emily said...

K - I heard out this!!! I can't believe you got appendicitis - how the heck does that happen?!

Sheeesh - what a horrible last few weeks!
I'm so glad you're doing better! If you need help with Corban, you should definitely call me!

ciaobella said...

File that under: Things I Hope To Avoid. I'm so glad you weren't alone! Sounds like Jack did a good job. :) And I'm glad you're feeling better. RJ said he's feels you on the whole kids putting all their weight on your incision area. Seriously, I’d be wearing armor. lol

Tina said...

Glad you are back on your feet now girl!!! (I really need a hair cut! LOL) really though, how rough would it be to not pick up your little boy!! Glad you have such great parents to help out! Love the long post!!!

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